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    So I have finally finished, and I think the one thing I'm really missing, is that the character feels like she has no reason to fight these colossi. I read somewhere a little snippet mentioning she was sent to figure out why there was an eternal winter. I would like even just a small bit of story line for her right at the beginning. Leave the story of the land up to cave paintings, but give me at least a bit at the start for her story. Sure she washed up, most likely after a crashed ship, but what caused the ship to crash? or at least, why was she out to sea? Was she sent to the island? or is she stuck there and just get's caught up in fighting these colossi? And why would she just immediately run off to fight the colossi without knowing that would help her in her quest (whatever that is)

    All this to say, I would like to at least know why she is on the island, and as a bonus, some sort of indication as to what killing the colossi would do (cave painting would fit with the world, maybe I missed a cave painting that did this though I didn't look super closely), having it be in the temple area where you are placed after fights would probably fit well.

    I do like the lack of story to a point. Having to theorize about the world will make the actual game much more interesting, but being thrown into a world and just told to kill doesn't make much sense. Think what if in SotC you were just thrown into killing colossi without Mono/Dormin giving reason to fight the colossi, it probably wouldn't be as nice of a game. While there still is very little story in SotC it gives enough to get you started.
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    what are colossi
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    The devs do plan to give more meaning to the whole thing -- they've mentioned vague "journals" left by heroes from the past and cave paintings will also give context. It'll be up to the player to interpret it all, but they're definitely working to give you more reason to tackle the gods!

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