Early Access Build 0.5.019 / Key Rebinding

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    Hi everyone.
    We are pleased to present you with another update, this one with a highly requested feature.
    Keyboard/Mouse Key Rebinding!

    Early Access Build 0.5.019

    - Added keyboard/mouse key rebinding. You can now change your keyboard and mouse controls to anything that suits you.
    - Added some small artwork to assist with specific puzzles.
    - Added a campfire icon to cook with.

    Here's a link to our PFTG roadmap
    Roadmap Link: https://trello.com/b/4KETTtYc/praey-for-the-gods-development-roadmap

    Thanks again for all the great feedback and bug reports -- we're digging through it as quickly as we can. Keep it coming! No Matter Studios

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