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    Salutations human beings!

    My name is Michelle and I am a student in the US right now. On the side I write, cosplay, practice martial arts, and play tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. When I witnessed how the devs are working on PFTG, I became a backer with hearty conviction.

    Games like Shadow of the Colossus and Super Metroid have a warm place in my heart. That's why I enjoy writing stories and beta testing games. Most notably I've beta tested Darkest Dungeon back during it's early access days. (If you think the Leper is complete garbage... you aren't wrong but you might be interested in what the Leper was originally going to be. Message me for details)

    Part of the reason I backed this project is because I want to provide any useful feedback I can to the awesome development team :)

    To conclude my introduction, I have but one request: INCLUDE THE BUNNY OUTFIT TO SOME CAPACITY IN THE FINAL GAME PLEASE

    ~Mystic Michelle
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