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    Hi there,

    I'm Eric, I'm one of the guys of Ludophiles, a tiny, open collective with a passion for creating gaming related content. We love games, especially indie games with boss fights. We run websites, forums, wikis nobody ever visits, we are livestreaming but nobody's ever watching (yet we somehow became Twitch Partner ~4 years ago ;) ), and we record videos nobody ever finds on YouTube, among them ~800 boss fights.

    I'm from Germany which for the early access release of the game 'cosplayed' the environment of Praey for the Gods.

    I've found the Prey for the Gods on Kickstarter but missed to back it, my brain is like a sieve...

    I've really enjoyed the early access. It's absolutely outstanding what a team of only 3 people has achieved. And now I'm looking forward to more content :)
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    Hey, just because you don't have the biggest collection of fans doesn't mean you don't have fans! You've obviously put a lot of time and love into this project -- I salute you!

    I feel like through that "cosplay" you'll be perfectly at home in Praey for the Gods -- or perhaps sick of it. ;) I can't wait to see what you guys do and please, if you have the time, provide us some of your videos -- I know I'd love to see them!

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